About us

BlackFish is a studio in which we create promotional and documentary films,

music videos, and event relations. Our studio is a workplace of artists and

enthusiasts. Space, in which experience and cinematography art crosses paths

with visions and ideas for producing succulent picture. We plan and we discover.

Then we assemble extraordinary productions, which are presented to the world,

bringing smile on spectator’s face.



We specialize in brief, engaging and valuable productions, which strengthens and even – in particular cases – replace traditional marketing.

A movie that we exhibit to the world is a sum of carefully written brief, hours and hours of discussion on the idea, testing out new technologies, picture period, and also postproduction, which consists of montage, soundtrack choice, special effects and colorization

This is how we see it: Your movie will be viewed only if it’s somewhat of value. Paying attention to every little detail makes it happen, for exceptional film is exactly what You need.

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